Before Goodwill Industries of Kentucky began making detailed plans to build an Opportunity Campus at its property in West Louisville, the organization engaged in a multifaceted, six-month community engagement campaign. 

The campaign was designed to learn what West Louisville residents, business owners and advocates (1) liked most about the area, (2) found most challenging about the area, (3) what they believed to be the greatest needs in the area, (4) what they believed would be Goodwill’s greatest challenge moving into West Louisville and (5) what Goodwill could do to be a good neighbor.

Despite having limited opportunities to meet in-person with West Louisville residents due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodwill was able to solicit meaningful responses from approximately 3,000 West Louisville residents and business owners from October 2020 through March 2021.

Their responses came through an online survey, approximately 15 virtual group meetings, direct mail postcards, a telephone voicemail hotline, a Goodwill-manned booth outside of the Kroger’s grocery store on 28th and Broadway and this website. And their voices were diverse. The collection of nearly 3,000 responses came from elected officials, homeowners, renters, business owners, corporate executives, city workers, pastors, social service leaders, recovering drug addicts and justice-involved citizens.

What they shared was a rich tapestry of hopes, desires and concerns for West Louisville. They did not speak with one voice. In fact, the range of their responses to many of the same questions indicated a wide variety of experiences, influences and stereotypes that shape how they view West Louisville and their recommendations on how to improve conditions in the area.

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