Goodwill Industries of Kentucky will build a 120,000 square-foot facility on the Opportunity Campus that will serve as a one-stop shop for lifestyle enrichment services. In addition to hosting a rotation of visiting social service agencies in the facility, a collection of permanently co-located partners will operate on the campus with Goodwill. They include KentuckianaWorks, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, YMCA, Volunteers of America, Park Community Credit Union, Kentucky College of Barbering, the U of L College of Dentistry and Legal Aid Society.

Norton Healthcare will build a 40,000 – 60,000 square-foot comprehensive healthcare center on the Opportunity Campus. It is the first medical center that will be built in West Louisville in more than 100 years. The center will include adult and pediatric care physician offices, emergency room services and outpatient functions. It will also provide X-rays, CT scans and access to in-patient care along with specialty services for women, cardiology and neurology.

Drop-In Childcare

Goodwill has learned that many parents may not consider accessing the type of services that might be available to them on the Opportunity Campus because they lack childcare. To help, Goodwill will allocate space to help operate a drop-in childcare center on the campus for parents who need a safe place for their children while they take advantage of on-site programs and services.


Legal Services

Goodwill will make space available to support legal services that serves people who need help addressing legal issues that prevent them from securing employment, housing or educational opportunities.


Community Room

Goodwill will build a large community room to help accommodate the need many community members and local organizations have for space to host large meetings, retreats, receptions or other gatherings. The community room will be equipped with modern technological amenities that include monitors, televisions, computer projectors and conference tables.


Technology Center

West Louisville residents have one of the lowest rates of internet and computer access of any community in the city. To help, Goodwill will operate a technology resource center that will offer access to internet-connected computers and other technological amenities to help bridge the digital divide.


Barber School

Goodwill will make space available to help provide free haircuts to Opportunity Campus participants from students in pursuit of their barber’s license.


Second-Chance Banking

Goodwill will reserve space to assist community members who need help establishing themselves financially. The on-site banking partner will have a dedicated physical space to conduct traditional banking transactions and provide financial literacy training.


Community Cafeteria

West Louisville has been designated as an unofficial “food desert” due to the lack of convenient access to healthy food or dining options for its residents.

To help, Goodwill plans to allocate space and equipment on its Opportunity Campus for a restaurant vendor to operate a community cafeteria that will serve hot breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to staff members, program participants, local residents, workers in the area and the general public.


Trade Training

Goodwill will utilize space to operate a training center that equips job seekers with the skills needed to earn credentials for high-demand jobs.


Bus Stop

Because the Opportunity Campus is located on a busy public transportation route, Goodwill will incorporate a sheltered bus stop on its campus that will allow bus riders a safe and comfortable location to wait for the bus.